Reference Letter Rules

At some point, you may require from me a reference letter for a job, scholarship, or graduate school.

Here are my reference letter rules:

  1. Do NOT be afraid to ask me for a reference letter. Part of my job involves writing such letters, and the worst I can say is no.
  2. Bearing point 1 in mind, you stand a better chance of getting a good reference letter if you’ve taken two or more courses with me.
  3. You have an even better chance of acquiring a good reference letter if you’ve earned As in my courses.
  4. It is best to approach me in person to request a reference letter.
  5. If I agree to write you a reference letter, then please promptly send me your CV, and any other information I require.
  6. DO pester me to ensure that I am meeting my deadline.
  7. NEVER write my name down as your referee, without my consent.
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